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CSI Asgard

csi From the Movies Movie Thor - 6430539008
Created by Junggg

Demi-Gods Make Mistakes Too

avengers best of week god Movie Thor - 6224600064
Created by obehave_wan ( Via Nebezial )

Honestly, This Is One Heck of a Well-Developed Fantasy

Via piecomic

No Arguments Here

Captain Kirk Thor Spock Star Trek ladies - 7382655744
Created by PrincessWordplay

And Stay Down Loki!

Via superheroesbelike

So That's What Thor Was About!

halo Thor video games - 4766376704
See all captions Created by Milo11

The Avengers: Then and Now

Black Widow captain america From the Movies hulk iron man loki Movie super heroes The Avengers Thor - 6177268480
Created by Unknown

To Asgard

animals best of week comic Nyan Cat the internets Thor - 5451367680

Let's Sit This One Out

Thor iron man avengers web comics - 8056021760
Via ecokitty

She's Got a Weird Way of Doing It...

From the Movies Thor wtf - 4745283328
See all captions Created by Matamoros


halo hats royal wedding the internets Thor - 4787995392
See all captions Created by Musicmaniacbobsmith1357

Kitteh Releases the Hunger of Thor

From the Movies kitteh Thor - 4867494144
Via carpe-scrotum.tumblr.com

Princess Beatrice: Winning!

From the Movies Thor - 4800772096
See all captions Created by lime-green-time-machine

Much Better Choice

best of week From the Movies kristen stewart robert pattison Thor twilight - 6298324992
Created by tempest675

Maybe on Thorsday

funny puns loki Thor - 7882174208
Created by Unknown


avengers best of week From the Movies kristen stewart snow white and the huntsm Thor - 6285994240
Created by PrincessWordplay
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