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Yes, Sir. Let's Party.

hammer TV - 4789216256
See all captions Created by iamthehighestgear

The Sadness of Sponge Bob...

forever alone friends SpongeBob SquarePants TV - 4682406656
Created by electrodinosaur

Dr. Cox

scrubs TV worth it - 5881678848
Created by Kimbo1

Blue's Clues

TV Sherlock blues clues - 6760520448
Via Pleated Jeans

The Bar Is Set Pretty Low

best of week friends the internets TV wedding - 6074039040
Created by Unknown

CSI Apple

apple best of week csi joke sunglasses TV - 5128605696
Created by TheSalami


bear grylls camel Hoth old spice survival TV - 4168068864
Created by Unknown

Gordon Ramsay Trolling

gordon ramsay trolling TV reality tv - 6725349120
Created by sanntti

Don't Get Butthurt About It

TV - 6181267456
Created by Unknown

Goku is a Light Weight

alcohol beer best of week drinking TV - 6115393024
Created by meganeguard ( Via cats-for-president.tumblr.com )

At Least it Wasn't Pedobear

calvin and hobbes hey arnold pedobear tiger TV - 4930248192
Created by 333halfevil

What, No Hovercraft?

monty python phone TV - 6543345408
Created by Croesius


alzheimers jk joke old people TV - 3962394880
See all captions Created by ericsigurdson

The Pedo Network

facebook Mark Zuckerberg to catch a predator TV - 4703647744
Created by Xzibit

Non-Stop Music

big bang theory TV annoying - 6595606784
Created by jtcaseley1

Why Not Zoidcrew?

meme TV why not zoidberg Zoidberg - 5385905152
Created by Hansimanni