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It's Not About the Naughty Things I Look Up, Just the Pathetic Stuff

web comics dont let them see my browser history
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Do You Feel Fancy Yet?

web comics sad life hacks Do You Feel Fancy Yet?
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It's Just an Expression!

web comics sad super powers It's Just an Expression!
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Super sad memes and comics, soul crushing juice, reddit, family, animals | Peter Parker Spider Man going through my camera roll An old picture her | nurse at long term care facility considered telling children quiet down and go bed. She did not. Considering their charts best let kids be.

17 Soul-Crushing Memes For People Who Like Pain

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best of week commercial pets Sad TV - 5702312192
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Seems Pretty Easy Then

web comics muscles Seems Pretty Easy Then
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celebutard justin bieber kurt cobain Music nirvana sacrifice Sad - 3725677312
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The Saddest Since Jurassic Bark

dogs Sad the internets - 6186368000
Created by regulardude2468

My Mom Makes the Same Mistake

Sad Super Mario bros web comics - 8599800320
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celebutard From the Movies mel gibson racism Sad - 3869007872
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I'll Never Prank Again!

fire prank Sad shoes the internets - 6166092288
Created by Unknown

I'm so Sad Now...

FRIDAY From the Movies Rebecca Black Sad - 4770787072
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Poor Little Freeloader Should Be Allowed to Pay in Snuggles

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Fretful Fridge Is Having a Rough Go of It

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The Savagery of Unrequited Love

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caught Chris Hansen kids pedobear reaction guys Sad yikes - 4466365952
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