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caught Chris Hansen kids pedobear reaction guys Sad yikes - 4466365952
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Pillow Talk is Always Slightly Sad

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That Poor, Adorable Snail

web comics snail sad That Poor, Adorable Snail
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Caturday happy cat I Can Has Cheezburger McDonald's Sad sad but true - 4544982016
See all captions Created by phnxme7

My Mom Makes the Same Mistake

Sad Super Mario bros web comics - 8599800320
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Nothing is Forever

Sad relationships web comics - 8079369728
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Super sad memes and comics, soul crushing juice, reddit, family, animals | Peter Parker Spider Man going through my camera roll An old picture her | nurse at long term care facility considered telling children quiet down and go bed. She did not. Considering their charts best let kids be.

17 Soul-Crushing Memes For People Who Like Pain

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This is Why Most Flowers Turn Toward the Sun

web comics flowers This is Why Most Flowers Turn Toward the Sun
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The Happy Christmas Tree

Sad christmas christmas tree web comics - 8597781248
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Hey Now, Some of These Superheroes Seem Pretty Practical in This Dog Eat Dog World

Sad in this economy superheroes web comics - 8393060096
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We'll Always Have the Reruns

web comics mythbusters sad We'll Always Have the Reruns
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Begging For Love

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I'm so Sad Now...

FRIDAY From the Movies Rebecca Black Sad - 4770787072
Created by Unknown

Ask J.R.R. Tolkien Anything!

racism Lord of the Rings Sad web comics - 8237940224
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When Post-Battle Hunger Takes Precedent

Sad knights dragons web comics - 8764999168
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Mozart Goes Bonkers!

justin bieber keha mozart Rebecca Black Sad - 4613585920
Created by Aicha
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