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Caturday happy cat I Can Has Cheezburger McDonald's Sad sad but true - 4544982016
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This is Why Most Flowers Turn Toward the Sun

web comics flowers This is Why Most Flowers Turn Toward the Sun
Via Smiling-Ribs

Begging For Love

Via Space Avalanche

Good Grief!

i know that feel Sad snowman the internets - 5674582528
By zero00430
18 Sad animals facts that are actually quite funny

18 Sad Animals Facts That Will Make you LOL

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The Indifference of Nature Cannot Be Contained

Via Loading Artist

Forever a Stone

forever alone meme rock Sad the internets - 4726068224
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Forever a Link

link Sad video games zelda - 5441421312
By Daniel_BudA

I'm so Sad Now...

FRIDAY From the Movies Rebecca Black Sad - 4770787072
By Unknown

Hey Now, Some of These Superheroes Seem Pretty Practical in This Dog Eat Dog World

Sad in this economy superheroes web comics - 8393060096
Via Doghouse Diaries

It's Just an Expression!

web comics sad super powers It's Just an Expression!
Via smilingribs

The Classic Joke As You've Never Heard It Before

web comic chicken jokes The Classic Joke As You've Never Heard It Before
Via downtheupwardspiral

It's Welling Up

Sad animation dinosaurs - 7273575936
By Facelesfoe

Do You Feel Fancy Yet?

web comics sad life hacks Do You Feel Fancy Yet?
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caught Chris Hansen kids pedobear reaction guys Sad yikes - 4466365952
See all captions By Grahambert

Mozart Goes Bonkers!

justin bieber keha mozart Rebecca Black Sad - 4613585920
By Aicha
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