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I'm so Sad Now...

FRIDAY From the Movies Rebecca Black Sad - 4770787072
Created by Jos

Hey Now, Some of These Superheroes Seem Pretty Practical in This Dog Eat Dog World

Sad in this economy superheroes web comics - 8393060096
Via Doghouse Diaries


Cats cheezburger gandalf happy cat Lord of the Rings puns Sad the internets wizards you shall not pass - 4377137408

We Go Forward, Not Back

gaming video games Sad web comics - 8248036608
Via Owlturd

Why Not?

best of week forever alone puppets Sad the internets - 5437312000
Created by sekkuar

That Poor, Adorable Snail

web comics snail sad That Poor, Adorable Snail
Via thingsinsquares

Be Mindful Of Your Surroundings, Man

Sad friends web comics - 8796419840
Via KangarooSoup

Seems Pretty Easy Then

web comics muscles Seems Pretty Easy Then
Via drawingboardcomic

Ask J.R.R. Tolkien Anything!

racism Lord of the Rings Sad web comics - 8237940224
Via C Section Comics

Wow, You Seem Really Happy Now!

web comics smile sad Wow, You Seem Really Happy Now!
Via deathbulge

It Was 3 Years Before Anyone Found Him

ikea ptsd Sad web comics - 8198496512
Via Toonhole

A Hard-Hitting Comic About the Little Engine That Tried His Best

Via bunicomic

I Can't Stand The Rain

Sad web comics - 8240339456
Via Gun Show Comic

I'll Never Prank Again!

fire prank Sad shoes the internets - 6166092288

Joy Is Being with Friends

Via businesssquid


celebutard From the Movies mel gibson racism Sad - 3869007872
See all captions Created by subjectb
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