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The Only Exception to Loving Pikachu Too Much

forever alone GEICO pikachu Pokémon TV - 4665424384
See all captions Created by pitibow

No She Just Cried Fun Fun Fun Fun...

FRIDAY fun GEICO Rebecca Black - 4611468800
Created by Hujak22

Plain and Simple

commercial GEICO yes - 4645854976
See all captions Created by Tomatem13

Geico Customers Are as Happy as Perverted Anime Characters

commercials GEICO pr0n - 6591952128
Created by AztecJesus

Kanye Always Falls for That

GEICO insurance kanye - 4774537728
Created by Unknown

That Was Nuts

animals best of week GEICO nuts squirrel - 5702069248
Created by Unknown


Caveman celebutard celebutards GEICO katy perry sex - 4007358720
See all captions Created by acyouker


commercial GEICO insurance money stupid TV - 4771123200
See all captions Created by qazxswedcvfrtgb