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Caturday is the natural conclusion that all cat owners eventually reach: Cats live everyday like it's Saturday.
Also a great excuse to share cat stuff online all weekend long.

Business Meeting

Cats Caturday Chart in this economy - 4476929280
See all captions Created by JeffMurdoch


Cats Caturday csi guns justin bieber - 4517639936
See all captions Created by KHUSHALftw

Geting Lunch

animals bird Cats Caturday fish Like a Boss nature - 4556914176
See all captions Created by GrinningRat
Cat comics for saturday, caturday, how to cat.

25 Very Real Cat Comics For Your Caturday Pleasure

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Political Correctness

business Cats Caturday puns - 4481092352
See all captions Created by JeffMurdoch

D'awww What a Happy Day

animals brad pitt Cats Caturday se7en whats in the box - 4532918016
See all captions Created by omgesus

Cat Has Something to Share

sharing Caturday Cats funny - 7432462592
Via Adam Muto

Who Would Do Such a Thing?

Cats Caturday in this economy theft - 4493285888
Created by Unknown

Coffee. It's Delicious.

Cats Caturday coffee wtf - 4552997888
See all captions Created by vitaah

Don't Get Some Glue

Cats Caturday existentialism Hipster Kitty sad but true suicide - 4496963328
See all captions Created by Sethilus


cat Caturday gender issues hipster Hipster Kitty lol mainstream - 4441320704
Created by Coostard


animals Cats Caturday shocking the internets - 4125937408
Created by Unknown

Indie Waterways Only

Caturday Hipster Kitty mainstream puns - 4554941696
See all captions Created by rfvrty


Catfort Cats Caturday Dog Fort dogfort lol meme - 4266560768
Created by FrankieDudeUltimate

I Dream of Cats

Cats dreams Caturday - 7315441408
Created by worksucks

Thats Nice of Him

Caturday happy cat I Can Has Cheezburger obama - 4549542912
See all captions Created by Icanhasabigcheezeburgerorelse
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