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Space Can Be Lonely

Aliens astronauts space web comics - 7993755904
Via Poorly Drawn Lines

You Are Crazier Than Loki

Aliens avengers From the Movies loki Memes Thor - 6350168320
By PrincessWordplay

Aliens Show How Strange Life Is

Aliens mindwarp sad but true sleep web comics - 8380400896
By Derp-a-derp (Via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal)

The Depths of Brob's Emotional Empathy Are Staggering

Via mrlovenstein

Retail Woes

Aliens funny money - 7836896256
Via Nice Clean Fight

Be Sure to Please Your Child's Imaginary Friends

webcomic - Cartoon - A cup of hot dhocolate for you two? Aw, look! He's got imaginary friend ah. 2015 KASHn Ngrd He says thanks www.opipesscon
Via Optipess

A Little Hard Work And Having Acid For Blood is All You Need to Achieve Your Goals

webcomics - Cartoon - XX PERSEVERE
Via Strap Off

They Better Have Gotten Some Incense for All the Trouble

Via thememorycardisfull

Red, Go With RED!

web comics aliens Red, Go With RED!
Via thingsinsquares

Still Not Good Enough for His Father

Aliens asians the internets - 5399885568
By Unknown

Mars needs bacon!

Aliens - 6720982272
By bananaworld

The Search For Intelligent Life

Aliens life sad but true earth web comics - 8321300480
Via Aliens UFOs

The Formula Revealed

Aliens best of week books stephen king the internets - 5418652928
By urkelbot666

The Older Generation Never Understands New Trends

web comics science aliens The Older Generation Never Understands New Trends
Via skittercomic

Mondays, Am I Right?

web comics garfield alien Mondays, Am I Right?
Via nellucnhoj

Aliens Forever

Aliens forever alone guy - 4564614400
By Melvazord
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