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Hideo Kojima Has a YouTube Channel Now

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PewDiePie of The Day: Youtuber Teams up With 'The Walking Dead' Creators For New Show

PewDiePie of The Day: Youtuber Teams up With 'The Walking Dead' Creators For New Show
Via YouTube Official Blog
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Jimmy Kimmel Doesn't Understand the Appeal of Watching People Play Video Games, is Dumb

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YouTube Gaming's 404 Page


Google's Gonna Twitch

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Created by LocoGuy107

Game Streaming of the Day: YouTube Launches Their Twitch Competitor

YouTube launches its video game streaming site.
Via Mashable
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PewDiePie, YouTube's Biggest Star, Discusses the Millions He Makes From Screaming While Playing Video Games

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All Youtubers Can Learn a Lesson From This Guy

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Makes Sense...

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Twoson Predates YouTube

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Created by Darrell3h

Machinima in a Nutshell

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Created by CalebRhodes

On That Day, Twitch-kind Received a Grim Reminder

google youtube twitch attack on titan - 8192332288
Created by gosty77
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Watch YouTuber Boogie2988 Play the First Thirty Minutes of Half-Life 3!

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I Don't Want to Live on This Planet Anymore

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Created by Unknown
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The Top Ten Gaming Controversies in 2013

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Kevin Smith Stands Up for Gamers With YouTube Channels

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