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It's So Fluffy!

feels kirby knitting nintendo yoshi - 7001597696
By sergiomonty

And What Color?

yoshi - 6991508992
By Unknown

Yoshi's Story

mario yoshi - 6933300736
By Unknown

Scumbag Yoshi

scumbag mario nintendo yoshi - 6923679232
By Unknown

Blue Yoshi Was Drunk

dafuq e3 toad yoshi - 6544801792
By Unknown

Yoshi Park

crossover jurassic park mario yoshi - 6493373952
By Scrunt


gifs mario Sad yoshi - 6368984064
Via thejadealchemist

Poor Yoshi...

gifs jump mario yoshi - 6189558784
By ThisIsAMeme (Via Dorkly)

Mario! What Have You Done?

comic mario mushroom yoshi - 6109567232
Via yaplakal

ZOMG Guise Triple Jump

mario mario 64 yoshi - 5902621440
By Unknown
twitter yoshi - 178180

Here's What Michael Bay's Yoshi Would Look Life

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Never Forget

yoshi Miiverse - 8157153280
Via zaptap

That's No Mario

Sad cosplay stahp mario yoshi - 6940886016
By Unknown
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