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The Official Call of Duty: Ghosts Trailer

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You Mean Call of Duty: Pets?

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By Unknown

Xbox One is Not Always Online, But Playing Used Games Costs a Fee

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By Trakk (Via Computer and Video Games)

Steven Spielberg and 343 Industries Working on a Halo Television Series

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Via Joystiq

This is the Xbox One's Specs

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By Unknown

What am I Buying Exactly?

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By Unknown

Testing Out the Xbox's Speech Controls...

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By Unknown

Introducing the New Xbox One

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By Unknown
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The Xbox Reveal LIVESTREAM

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What Everyone Will Actually Be Thinking During the Reveal

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By Unknown

Prepare to Drink While Watching the Xbox Reveal

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By KBABZ42 (Via IGN)

The History of the Xbox Console

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Via AceyBongos
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The Dubbed Parody of the Xbox Reveal

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Basically, they've invented something that already exists

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By Beasley2K

No One Was Actually Cheering During the Xbox Reveal

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By Unknown