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Link REALLY Needs to Lay Off the Blue Potion

legend of zelda wind waker - 8748774912
Created by Mamalugia

De Legend of Zorldo: Wand Wukor

link legend of zelda zelda derp wind waker - 8536519168
Created by knife-hider

Please Let Go of My Deku Nuts

zelda wind waker - 8142524160

Wind Waker Logic

video game logic zelda wind waker - 7996071680

Zelda Sneakers: Shut Up and Take My Rupees!

zelda wind waker - 7704463616
Via Bobsmade
farts Video wind waker - 62963457

The Winds Have Awoken

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The Legend of Smellda

link zelda wind waker - 8218813696
Created by Unknown


puns zelda wind waker - 8137731584
Via incubeezer

Great Wave on the Great Sea

art zelda wind waker - 7954013184
Via sirnosh

But Link Tried His Hardest

link selfie wind waker - 7865138944

The Good People of Outset Island Need to Calm Down

link zelda wind waker - 7847090944
Created by Unknown

Sea Date

brawl in the family zelda web comics wind waker - 7842885888
Via Brawl in the Family

Link is Looking Fine

link zelda wind waker - 7836232704
Created by Unknown

Creepy Pirate Link

pirates zelda wind waker - 7693384960

Why Don't Video Game Developers Understand This?

zelda nintendo wind waker - 7571969792
E32013 wii U Nintendo Direct zelda wind waker - 51207169

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD for Wii U

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