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Plague Inc. Knows What's Up

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Created by hyperscorp427
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Gabe the Halls

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Gabe Newell Only Shoots Out Price Drops

gabe newell gaben valve steam steam sale - 7965884416
Created by Unknown
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Steam's Holiday Sale is HERE!

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A Priceless Quote from Gabe Newell Where He Predicted the Future Ten Years Ago

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Created by Unknown

Valve Works in Mysterious Ways

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Created by boorepellent
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This Entry for Valve's Annual Machinima Competition, the Saxxy Awards, is Fantastic

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Why Half-Life 3 is the Most Hyped Game of All Time

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Created by Unknown

What the New Steam Controller Actually Looks Like

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Half-Life 3 Confirmed... Finally

steam valve half life gifs half-life 3 confirmed - 7822837760
Via yathern

Every Hat in Team Fortress 2 on One Character

valve art hats Team Fortress 2 - 7819422208
Via Ashley Lange

Too Much Cake

the cake is a lie valve Portal - 7793953280
Created by Mistermascara

Still Waiting Two Weeks Later...

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Created by Taterdude

Well, Valve Does a Have Problem With Time

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Created by Unknown

The Last of Us in Team Fortress 2

valve naughty dog Team Fortress 2 the last of us - 7753766144
Created by Unknown

The Last Update

valve gabe newell the last supper Team Fortress 2 - 7740935680
Created by Unknown