Pokémon GO Players In Tokyo Are In A Full-Fledged Lapras Panic

Because of this particular Lapras location, folks in Tokyo are flooding the streets, ignoring traffic, and starting up general chaos for the police trying to maintain some law and order. Twitter users are calling this one the 'Lapras Panic' and based on these photos, that's definitely fair.

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And I quote from the Tokyo 42 site itself:

Tokyo 42 is the lovechild of Syndicate and GTA 1.

Set in a future Tokyo, the game will see you become an assassin and uncover a dark consipiracy that will effect everyone.

With open-world single player and competitive multiplayer, you will buy and use a host of weapons and tools to approach the many challenges of this beautiful little world.

Also, cats…

Suffice to say, people are pretty amped about all this right now: