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Who Actually Falls for This?

xbox live the internets - 8158577408
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How to Get a Girlfriend on the Internet

the internets runescape - 8134197760
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call of duty the internets videos - 58740481

The Most Polite Call of Duty Argument Ever

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Let's All Watch the Internet Make Fun of the New Sonic Designs

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The Worst Thing About the Zombie Apocalypse

Left 4 Dead the internets - 8026483456
By Woodie_the_Lumberjack

Civilization V Logic

civilization v the internets video game logic - 8025338624
By Unknown

Super Meowio World

the internets web comics super mario 3d world - 7949652992
By YakuzaDuragon (Via The Gamer Cat)

The Most Common Complaint in Online Gaming

gaming gamers the internets - 7909966848
By Unknown

This is Me Everyday

the internets gifs Team Fortress 2 - 7866840576
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When a Girl Gamer Asks for Help

the internets online gaming first-person shooters girl gamers - 7740452352
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Nintendo Knew the Internet a Long Time Ago

the internets nintendo - 7687008256
By LJPhil

What the Internet Really Thinks

jontron the internets videos game grumps - 7613963008
By powergannon

Good Guy Nintendo

the internets super metroid video games nintendo funny - 7439539968
By Unknown

The Times Have Changed So Fast

pcs the internets nostalgia diablo video games - 7400953088
By Unknown

This is Payback for Women Who've Been Questioned About Their Gaming Credibility

twitter the internets gaming gamers women failbook g rated - 7316929536
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It Was My Favorite...

caption concept art guild wars 2 the internets - 6040266752
By Unknown