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Good Guy Templars

assassins creed templars video game logic - 7970188800
Created by Unknown

They Can Have It

templars assassins-creed-iii - 6751864832
Created by Unknown

And Then Carry On

assassins creed keep calm meme templars - 6375820032
Created by Unknown

All Guards Shall Perish

assassin assassins creed guards templars the internets - 6456319232
Created by Unknown

F the Templars

assassins creed gifs meme templars the internets - 6009080320
Created by Unknown

Poor People... Worse Than Templars

assassins creed raisins-super-fuuuu templars video games - 5579088128
Created by demiank

Ezio all the things!

all the things assassins creed meme templars - 6349120000
Created by sh2780

I'm Not Saying It Was Templars...

Aliens assassins creed ezio meme templars - 6012416000
Created by birdman72508