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Funny dank memes about Waluigi from the Super Mario universe | teacher can listen music Girls: listen bill eyelash or some cringe tiktok song Boys: WALUIGI'S TACOSTAND WALUIGIS TACOSTAND. aberrantkenosis Yeah love SJW Smooth Jazz Waluigis. gayluigifanfiction shrek's there too thank god

Dank Waluigi Memes For When You Waaaant A Good Chuckle

"I'm the best!"
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How Miyamoto Designs a Game

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Mama Mia!

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Super Mario Run Controller

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Bask In His Green Radiant Beauty

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Hacker Uncovers Secret Coin in Super Mario 64 That's Impossible to Collect

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The Darker Side of Mario Games

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Super Mario World War Z

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Boo Who?

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Mario, the Lifetime Badass

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This Dude Spent 4,000 Hours On This Super Mario 64 Hack and It Looks Like It Was Worth It

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True Mario Dedication Is Making A Nine-Minute Video About Mario's Eye Blinking Mechanics

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Where Are My Pokeballs Summer

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Oh, Poor Luigi!

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This Dire, Dire Docks Harp Cover from Mario 64 Is Beautiful

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Watch Shigeru Miyamoto Play Super Mario Run While He's Busy Doing a Bicep Curl

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