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40 of the Most Ridiculous Examples of Video Game Logic

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Happy Caturday

Cats animals Splinter Cell Tom Clancy - 8172027904
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So Close to Each Other

Splinter Cell tags steam - 8126902272
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Splinter Cell Logic

Splinter Cell video game logic - 7938044928

A Little Full of Yourself There GameStop??!

gamestop Splinter Cell - 7909875968
Created by Saiyan82 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Anti-Aging Sam Fisher

Splinter Cell video game logic - 7829920000

Splinter Cell Logic

Splinter Cell video game logic - 7809836288

Splinter Cell Logic

Splinter Cell video game logic - 7770773248

His Face Says it All

Splinter Cell - 7670812672
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Battle of the Stealth Horses

stealth metal gear solid comics Splinter Cell assassins creed horses - 7579338240
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videos Splinter Cell video games - 50000641

Spies Vs. Mercs Will Be in Splinter Cell: Blacklist

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videos Splinter Cell - 48787457

Splinter Cell Blacklist Explores New Playstyles

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Double Fail Agents

FAIL gifs gameplay Splinter Cell - 7116685312

Stealth in the New Splinter Cell Game

gifs Splinter Cell video games - 7387414272
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Wait, Make THIS Game Happen

metal gear solid Splinter Cell - 6553796352
Created by eugene2023