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Sonic's Reaction to Sonic Boom

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Created by Mamalugia

Dank Meme

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The Other Knuckles Are Jealous of the Pause Trick

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Knuckles Glitch in Sonic Boom is Canon

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Just Knuckles Being Knuckles in Sonic Boom

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This Was Me When I First Saw Sonic Boom

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Created by Travis_Touchdown

The Least Disturbing Piece of Sonic Fanart Ever

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Created by Travis_Touchdown

The True Story Behind Big Red Button and Sonic Boom

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Taking a Bad Game and Making a Decent Sonic Boom Video

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Game Grumps' Editor Shows Us Just How Lazy Big Red Button Was at Making Sonic Boom

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Sonic Boom: Rise of BRLRLRLRLRL

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The End of Sonic the Hedgehog

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The Pursuit of Sonic Boom

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Created by xamoel

Seeing Double in Sonic Boom

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Via DarkspinesSonic

Seriously, It's Time to Stop Skylanders

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Created by LocoGuy107

You'd Expect Guile to Copyright That

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Created by Unknown
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