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Hey Can I Borrow That?

gifs sniper halo - 8753347072
By Unknown
wtf gaming sniper gameplay halo Video lucky - 69367297

Wait, What?

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sniper halo - 69246465

The Greatest Snipe in Halo History

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Whenever Someone Calls Me a Hacker

Deal With It sniper Team Fortress 2 - 7067117056
By Unknown

Sniper's Valentine

sniper Team Fortress 2 Valentines day - 7055732224
Via Fluro-Knife

Spray and Pray

call of duty FPS annoying sniper svu - 6984345856
By Unknown

Scumbag Sniper

sniper taunts Team Fortress 2 - 6696540928
By monkeymelon08


sniper spy - 6532268800
By SpykeXD

Don't Even Try Reviving

Battlefield 3 meme sniper - 6126873600
By Frenchtouch

The Sniper is Always Prepared

sniper Team Fortress 2 - 8186434304
By kyuubi91

Dis Mah Srs Face

Deal With It gifs PC sniper Team Fortress 2 - 6399910400
By Unknown


call of duty gaming gopher meme sniper - 6352503296
By Unknown

That'll Work

sniper Team Fortress 2 the internets - 6258605568
By Good lord man

Stop Complaining About the Sniper

Deal With It meme sniper Team Fortress 2 - 6184918016
By Unknown


sniper Team Fortress 2 the internets - 6181175040
By DemoEYE

It's the Only Way to Be Safe

medic Rage Comics safe sniper team fortress video games - 5448517120
By searomp