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Hate it When That Happens

shooters - 8254164736
Created by MegamanEXE ( Via webcomics )

The Best Part About Splatoon

nintendo shooters splatoon - 8223716864
Created by LocoGuy107

E3 2013 Titles in a Nutshell

E32013 Memes shooters - 7558367744
Created by HoneyWhooWhoo

Simply Call of Duty

call of duty FPS hardcore Hardcore Gamerz shooters weapons - 6181686784
Created by Unknown

Call of Honor 7 Future Battlestrike 3

awesome FPS new game shooters the internets - 6096193536
Created by Unknown

Never Fails

battlefield bullets call of duty FPS guns reload shooters the internets - 6070395392
Created by Unknown

My Mom is Getting a Workout

FPS graph Hardcore Gamerz shooters - 6036147200
Created by Unknown

Duke Nukem Keeping It Surreal

Duke Nukem FPS shooters - 6018949376
Created by Gadirus

First Person Shootery

doom FPS realistic shooters the internets - 6019386368
Via Viva La Caca