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Have You Ever Balanced a Game?

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Sakurai Has Had Enough

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Can I Have Lucas Instead?

super smash bros pit sakurai dark pit - 8323403520
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How People Think Sakurai Picks Characters for Super Smash Bros.

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The General Joins the Battle

super smash bros parody sakurai - 8309124864
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Sakurai Responds to Smash Leakers

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Will This Help?

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Might as Well Give the Fans What They Want

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Sakurai Pulls a Fast One

Ubisoft super smash bros rayman sakurai - 8257564672
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captain falcon f-zero super smash bros sakurai - 8255572224
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Sakurai Directs SSBM to You

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A New Final Boss is Approaching!

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*Sakurai Laughs*

super smash bros gifs duck hunt dog ridley sakurai - 8358361088
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Don't Judge When I Main Dark Pit

super smash bros dark pit sakurai - 8320226304
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