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Ridley Amiibo Confirmed!

ridley wii U amiibo - 8374975744
Created by CriminalScrub

The Ride is Over

super smash bros Metroid ridley - 8357250304
Via Ridley_Didley

Ridley Can't See Anything

super smash bros ridley - 8301094912
Via a-duck

I Ain't Even Mad

ridley meta knight - 8287921920
Via kawai-nic

What a Sad Get-together

super smash bros ridley conventions chrome - 8265356288
Via Krystal

Let Us In!

gifs mewtwo super smash bros ridley - 8224708352
Via rosemary_wolf

*Sakurai Laughs*

super smash bros gifs duck hunt dog ridley sakurai - 8358361088
Via rad-dudesman

R.O.B. Just Wants to Be Loved

Sad feels super smash bros ridley r.o.b. - 8321119232
Via Willbabe

Accept the Facts

mean girls Memes super smash bros ridley - 8255563008
Via australian-helioptile

You're Never Too Big for Smash Bros

super smash bros ridley - 8255304448
Created by Travis_Touchdown