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Star Ocean 5's Officially Coming to North America This June!

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The Final Fantasy XV Release Date Leaked Early!

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Star Fox Zero Launches on April 22

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No Man's Sky Coming Next June

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The Witness Finally Gets a Release Date Tucked Inside a Compelling Trailer

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Final Fantasy XV Will Probably Release Next Year

Final Fantasy XV gets a 2016 release window.
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Destiny 'House of Wolves' Expansion Set to Release May 19th

destiny news release date Video Game Coverage - 8477667840
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Did Microsoft Inadvertently Release the XBone's Release Date?

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Call of Duty: Ghosts Title and Release Date Confirmed

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Grand Theft Auto V's Release Date Delayed

grand theft auto v release date Rockstar Games - 7022725120
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But Resident Evil 2 Was One of the Best Games Ever...

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Brace Yourselves, a Dumb Expansion is Coming

expansion mists of pandaria PC release date world of warcraft - 6456460288
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Gonna Slice and Dice it Outta Ya

metal gear solid release date - 7020293120

C'mon November!

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Halo 4 Release Date

Halo 4 master chief news release date twitter - 6124739072
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Diablo III Dated May 15

diablo diablo III news PC release date - 5980973568
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