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Dumb People, Dumb People Everywhere

PlayStation 4 xbox the division controllers - 8759731200

Which is a Better Way to Spend $300?

wii U PlayStation 4 - 8593155840
By Dundore77
fap Video Game Coverage PlayStation 4 - 75705089

Have You Ever Loved Gaming so Much You Rubbed One Out in Front of a Console?

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Playstation 4 is Getting a Permanent North America Price Drop

Sony announces a playstation 4 price drop.
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Whichever One is Blonde is the Right One

Sony PlayStation 4 bloodborne Video Game Coverage - 74292993

Bloodborne's First Expansion, The Old Hunters, Gets a Dark and Haunting Trailer

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... Fork?


Well Done, PS4...

street fighter v Sony PlayStation 4 Video Game Coverage - 73233665

Don't Claw It a Come Back — Sony Reveals Vega Will Return in Street Fighter V

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If the PS4 Were Made in the '70s


This Class is About to Get Intense

school gaming PlayStation 4 xbox one - 8313026048
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All These Crazy Cool Gaming Setups and I'm Just Here Like...

PlayStation 4 - 8485431296
By LJPhil

The Taste You Can See

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This Guy May Just Be a Genius

witcher 3 trailers PlayStation 4 Video Video Game Coverage - 69913345

The Witcher 3 Sword of Destiny Trailer

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Console Wars These Days