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twitter Video Game Coverage sonic the hedgehog sega video games politics - 145926

Sonic the Hedgehog Is Here to Make Everyone Feel Better After Election Night

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donald trump pac man political pictures Video politics - 81862145

Trump's Latest Political Campaign Ad Takes a Shot at Hillary Clinton through Mocking Her as 'Ms Pac Man'

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Pokémon pokemon go trolling donald trump win politics - 122630

Donald Trump's Trying to Hang with the Times, by Trolling the Sh*t out of Hillary Clinton in Pokémon GO Campaign Ad

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Make Surgery Great Again with This Bizarre Surgeon Simulator That Now Lets You Operate on Donald Trump

Via Bossa Studios

Russia Just Monumentally Failed, and Tried to Pass off a Screenshot From Command & Conquer as a Legit Picture of Chemical Weapons Trucks

Via Kelsey D. Atherton

Turns out an Anime School Girl Owns Donald Trump's 'Second Life' Mansion

Via SL Newser - Places

Bernie in The Wasteland

bethesda fallout fallout 4 bernie sanders video games political pictures politics - 8763289856
Created by SalmonDiMartino
mass effect donald trump mass effect 2 video games political pictures politics - 101638

Trump Rips off Mass Effect in His Latest Outlandish Campaign Ad

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worms Video politics - 79076865

Is This The Most Accurate Scientific Political Simulator To Date?

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Still a Better Choice Than Donald Trump

democratic candidates fire emblem character
Via ssbbgamergirl
president politics super smash bros - 78074113

Smash Bros Predicts the Next US President

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State of the Mother Base

obama metal gear solid
Via umbrosvorhees

Son of the Boss

donald trump politics - 8604677120
Created by Travis_Touchdown

Grey Face Storms Into Battle!

video game memes bet its a fire emblem character
Via melodyburst

The Boss Your Mother Base Deserves

video game memes punished trump
Via Know Your Meme
mario politics videos - 56081153

Super Mario Politics

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