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Nintendo is finally getting on the phone and tablet game bandwagon. They will be releasing the first Nintendo mobile game in 2016, the free-to-play Miitomo. In the game you will create a character, answer questions about their personality and watch them interact with other characters based on those traits.

According to Kotaku, it's "a social networking game, but for Miis". This will be the first release of five smartphone games that Nintendo has announced.

This Nintendo phone mock up is what you want.
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Now that Nintendo has said it will enter the mobile space, possibly letting you take Mario on the go, some have let their imagination take that possibility to the extreme.

Artist Pierre Cerveau has gone ahead and designed how a possible Nintendo phone might look and it's gorgeous.

Dubbed the 'Smart Boy,' Cerveau shows off a range of different looks for the imaginary device.

Here it is with a removable controller:

And with some removable storage, RAM or a camera:

What if it ran Android?

You could take Iwata's Mii along for the ride.