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It's not the same for PC gamers.

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Created by herpedtiliderped

This is What Everyone is Like During the Steam Sale

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Via ZeroMercuri

Some Friendly Advice for People Who Buy Games During Steam Sales

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See all captions Created by PsycoSaurus

So Which One is It?

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Created by Unknown

What PC Games Boils Down To

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Created by Unknown

Looking from the distance

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Created by Sountemp
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This Guy Re-Created All of Baldur's Gate in 3D

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Day One of ANY Multiplayer Game

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Created by UberHumphrey

How I Learned to PC

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Created by Unknown

Come Join PC Master Race

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Created by Unknown

Now We Know Who the Patient is in Surgeon Simulator

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Via king_samwich

I sometimes wonder about Soldier...

pcs soldier Team Fortress 2 sailor moon - 7161863680
Created by nantees
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