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Oculus Rift is Launching on March 28, and Here's What's Available for It

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Some People Just Aren't Ready for VR

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Understandable Misunderstanding

that sounds naughty oculus rift web comics - 8605256960
By JosephSim84 (Via bartenerds)

Gonna Get Myself an Oculus Stiff

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Via Respawn Comic

$600? Seriously?

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By Dinobirdofdoom (Via tapastic)

Kaz Strikes Back

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By Travis_Touchdown (Via CEO Kaz Hirai)
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This Guy Has a Perfect Reaction to Insidious VR

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You'd Have to Be a Masochist to Play Horror Games on the Oculus Rift


"The Right Man... in... the Wrong Place... Can Make All the Difference in... the World"

news oculus rift E32015 Video Video Game Coverage - 71805953

Oculus Shows Off Exciting New Rift Experiences, Announces Touch Controller

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It's Only a Matter of Time Before We See This Game


How to Buy Video Game Merchandise Responsibly

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Via Dorkly
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The Future is Now

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The First Oculus Rift Prototype

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Via thegarrettt
oculus rift Video elders - 63994881

Elders React to Oculus Rift

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Augmented reality IRL third person Video oculus rift - 62396417

Real World Third Person Perspective

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