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Nostalgia Bomb Part 1: What Games Invoke the Best Memories For You?

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True Horror

The scream of terror that still haunts our dreams
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"Ocarina of Time Really Messed Me Up"

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Dat Ocarina of Time Logic

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Gerudo Valley From Ocarina of Time Recreated in Unreal Engine 4 Is the Most Beautiful Sight You'll Behold Today

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Moments Before Darunia Commences With Crazy Dance Time

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This Mind-Boggling Zelda Fan-Art Portrays The Series' Star Characters As Refined Renaissance Characters

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Ocarina of Time's Death Mountain Crater in Unreal Engine 4

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Mido is a Prick

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Alternative Goron Dance Found in Ocarina of Time

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After Five Years of Playing It, This Blind Gamer Finally Beat Ocarina of Time

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This Guy Beat Ocarina of Time Blindfolded

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Unless It's Majora's Mask


0/10, Would Not Even Acknowledge Existence of Game


Thanks, Navi!


Ocarina of Time Hasn't Changed Over the Years, and Neither Has Your Maturity

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