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Ex-Deadpool Director, Tim Miller Pivots to Direct Sonic the Hedgehog Movie

Via The Hollywood Reporter
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Watch 'The Revenant' as an 8-Bit Video Game

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Definite Least Favorite Place to Come Across in the Fallout Universe

Via Game Rant
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Watch the Official Trailer for KINGSGLAIVE FINAL FANTASY XV

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Don't You Dare Forget Your Roots Michael Fassbender

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Guy Gives Zero F**ks and Attends Warcraft Movie with His Love Doll

Via NetEase

'The Division' Movie Officially Planned with Jake Gyllenhaal

Via Variety
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Somebody Remade the Warcraft Movie Trailer in World of Warcraft, and It's Mind-Numbingly Perfect

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The World of Warcraft Movie Hype Kicks Into Overdrive With These Four New Clips

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Get Ready Guys, Cause Overwatch Might Be Coming to a Theater Near You

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The Assassin's Creed Movie Trailer Is Here, and It LOOKS Good

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In Light of the Recent Flop, This Would've Been a Surefire Winner

Via SilentBobVG

The Parallels Between Silent Hill And Kindergarten Cop Are Uncanny

Via 70MPG_onthishog
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One Minute Teaser for Warcraft the Movie

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So Apparently Everything in Call of Duty is Ripped From Movies

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War is Coming on June 10

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