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Funny dank memes entitled "Bravo Six, Going Dark"

'Bravo Six, Going Dark' Is A Dank Meme From 'Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare'

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steam Modern Warfare 3 idiots animals - 8211239680
Via Steam

And Perhaps Xbox Live...

minecraft Modern Warfare 3 xbox - 6704566528
Created by darkwr4ith

My Team Quits or Dies

call of duty Modern Warfare 3 o brother where art thou. - 6253537024
Created by Unknown

Thanks, But No Thanks

call of duty Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer steam the feels - 6165891328
Created by Unknown

I'm Gonna Go Buy Another Minecraft

IRL minecraft Modern Warfare 3 notch twitter - 6153830400
Created by Unknown

My Mind is Full of Multiplayer

call of duty FPS Maps meme modern warfare Modern Warfare 3 - 6134146304
Created by spawnsolo

Modern Chaos

annoying chaos modern warfare modern warfare 2 Modern Warfare 3 spawns the feels - 6120702464
Created by Unknown

I Just Want to Connect With Someone

call of duty Modern Warfare 3 the internets video games - 6108656128
Created by Unknown

MW3 Trolling

call of duty meme Modern Warfare 3 trolling - 5973788672
See all captions Created by NaruPony
call of duty Modern Warfare 3 Video - 34666241

Gold Shotgun Perk

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call of duty Modern Warfare 3 quickscope Video - 38669825

Modern Warfare 3 in a Nutsell

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If Nuketown Was in Modern Warfare 3

black ops call of duty color meme Modern Warfare 3 nuketown - 6206720256
Created by Unknown

Losses, Losses Everywhere

call of duty matchmaking Modern Warfare 3 - 6202617600
Created by Unknown

Especially If You Want To Snipe...

call of duty meme Modern Warfare 3 super cool ski instructor - 6153743616
Created by SoftBuTFirm