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Yusuf Mehdi From Microsoft Fails to See What's Wrong With This Crowd

xbox dumb microsoft xbox one - 8309088768
Via @yusuf_i_mehdi
gaming SpongeBob SquarePants amazing microsoft Video - 63827457

This Edited Spongebob Episode Defines the Entire Gaming Industry

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Meanwhile at Microsoft

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Game Over

E32014 gifs Sony microsoft nintendo - 8219300608
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Conker is Totally Back You Guys!

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Xbox Press Conference in a Nutshell

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Via SkyB4se
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Time to Get Hyped for E3 With These Gifs

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Failure to Kinect

kinect microsoft web comics xbox one - 8186680064
Via Stephen Maurice Graham
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E3 Bingo Cards for All the Major Players

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Never Forget the True Enemy

PC Sony microsoft - 8186354432
By Travis_Touchdown
Memes microsoft Rage Comics Video trending pls stahp - 60195841

The #Trending Store in the Xbox Avatar Marketplace Now Has Rage Faces and Meme Outfits

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Next Gen Gaming, Always Online, Connected Experiences, No Single Player, BLAH BLAH BLAH Can't Even Play on Release Date

titanfall xbox live bad luck brian Memes microsoft - 8103669248
By Unknown
console wars videos microsoft xbox one - 58960129

What if Microsoft Was Entirely Honest With Us?

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Microsoft Loves Forcing the Kinect Down Our Throats

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By Unknown

Sony's Response

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By Unknown

The Truth About Microsoft

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By Unknown