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Good Guy Kojima

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Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain's Final Trailer is Here. Yes It's Full of Melancholy and 5 Minutes Long.

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JB Hi-Fi Recognizes Real

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In Case You Weren't Already Sold on Metal Gear Solid V

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This Redeem Code Card Knows What's Up


Spotted at Gamescom

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Metal Gear Solid V Gets Probably Its Last Trailer for Probably the Last Time

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Take That, Konami!

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Konami's New Marketing Strategy

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My Bad...

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When You Realize That There Are Less Than Two Months Before Metal Gear Solid V

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Nearly Six Minutes of Footage From Metal Gear Solid V

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The Phantom Pain (Arcade Edition) by Keith Bogan

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By keithbogan90 (Via society6)

Looks Like Hideo Kojima Really is Leaving Konami

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Via Konami

Quiet Anticipation

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Via The Internets
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Kojima is a Genius...

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