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Stay Away From Him

Fan Art metal gear web comics - 8752912896
By Dark_Paw (Via awkwardzombie)

Hey, It Really Works

funny memes metal gear irl box robbery

What to Say to See the Internet Burn

fallout undertale metal gear - 8599292416
By AngelusAlvus

Japanese Boss Fights are Just Better

metal gear - 8587810304
By Travis_Touchdown

The Boss Your Mother Base Deserves

video game memes punished trump
Via Know Your Meme
metal gear solid V mgs5 metal gear solid the phantom pain konami metal gear Video hideo kojima - 72844033

Take That, Konami!

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Metal Gear's Bold New Vision

IRL knockoffs metal gear wtf - 8224688384
Via yoshikagesisland

Fallout vs. Metal Gear

fallout war never changes metal gear - 8162223872
Via blasphemyisgood

My Neighbor Rex

my neighbor totoro Fan Art metal gear - 8140905728
Via Dragunovi

The CQC in the New Metal Gear Looks Awesome

gifs metal gear - 7902561024
By Unknown

Metal Gear Breakdancing

gifs metal gear - 7781038336
By steescribbles (Via YouTube)

At Least Raiden Kept His Voice Actor

raiden E32013 metal gear solid V metal gear snake - 7564369920
By RaidenDP
videos counter strike metal gear - 50167041

Wait, I Thought This Was Counter-Strike...

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Hungry Snake is Hungry

Memes video game logic metal gear - 7320252160
By knife-hider

Metal Gear Playground

art metal gear - 7240983296
Via YaleStewart

Valve Stole the Orange Box from Metal Gear!

box Like a Boss metal gear snake stealing valve video games - 5491838464
By czarmy
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