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Guy Loses His Mind in Profanity-Ridden Rant After Ridiculously Terrible Madden Glitch

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Slowpoke EA, seriously

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So, as Predicted, Madden 16 Has Some Glitches, the Most Notable of Which is "Ghost Cornerback"


Words of Advice From John Madden

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Only in Madden...

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Welp, Not Going to Sleep Tonight

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EA Sports is Totally Embracing the Glitch That Makes Cleveland Browns LB Christian Kirksey Only a Foot Tall

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The Cutest Madden Glitch Ever - Attack on Tennessee Titans

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Perfect Placement

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They Let You Create Your Own Madden Covers at E3, Here's This Guy's

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Americanize One Team, And the Other Doesn't Stand a Chance

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What Will Have Happen in 2025?

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So Video Games Make You Violent?

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And When Will I Become a Rock Star?

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Does it Have Skip Bayless?

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I Don't Want to Live on This Planet Anymore

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