leeroy jenkins

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In case you've lived underneath a rock for most your life, Leeroy Jenkins is the name of a WoW character who famously screamed out his name before charging into battle in a blazing display of unabashed recklessness, only to end up getting his entire team killed in epically ignorant fashion. 

Blizzard stepped up and recognized Leeroy's fabled shamelessness several times by rewarding him an official trading card, mini figurine, and even named an achievement after him. See below.

Who might be the man behind this storied moment in WoW gaming history? Meet Ben Schulz, a Denver-based gamer who initially filmed the video with some buddies from college, never thinking it'd go anywhere. Oh, if only you'd known Schulz, if only. After the video had been online for a couple years, Schulz was formally invited to give the keynote speech at ROFLCon (been invited to speak at for three years now). Check out Schulz speaking at Blizzcon below:

Jenkins continues to find his way into various pop culture moments, even truck advertisements. Check out four such instances below. You've probably, definitely seen at least one of 'em before.

And of course, perhaps the pinnacle of Leeroy's widespread fame thus far--The Daily Show mention...Oh Leeroy, we love ya man.