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Kingdom Hearts HD Collection Coming to PS4

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Watch the Newest Trailer for Kingdom Hearts 2.8

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Kingdom Hearts' Sora Has Finally Been Modded Into Super Smash Bros

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New Kingdom Hearts Trailer Shows a Lot of 2.8, and a Little of KH3

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New (Brief) Footage From Kingdom Hearts III Shows Off Very Little, But It's Trending Anyway

kingdom hearts 3 new gameplay footage
Via I Love DCS Japan
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Who's Ready for Kingdom Hearts 3?

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He Learned It From Us

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By Sephiroth1993

What? I..

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By GabeNewell

Like Riku Has Any Right to Talk Trash

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By Satoshi (Via SetoKaiba1337)

"Kill Me"


Playing Games on an Old TV Can Ruin Them for You

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Hey Mickey You So Fine

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Join the Dark Side, Sora

kingdom hearts star wars Sora - 8394059776
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When Worlds Collide

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This is What Batman Looks Like Designed by Kingdom Hearts Boss Tetsuya Nomura

kingdom hearts batman - 8266141440
Via Polygon
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