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Where Dreams Come True

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The Modern Day Equivalent of Passing Notes

kids parenting video games dating - 8015249920
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A More Accurate Call of Duty Poster

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Minecraft Work vs Real Life Work

kids gaming work minecraft chores - 8462522368
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4chan Raids a Kid's Minecraft Stream Making Him Go Absolutely Insane Over Views

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Playing Online You Feel Like This Every Day

kids fatality parenting web comics - 8440901376
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This Image Never Gets Old

call of duty kids gamers splatoon - 8427166208
Created by Travis_Touchdown

How Dads Game

dads kids gaming parenting - 8391874304
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Kid Fighting Nothing Gets Put Into Street Fighter

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This Makes Too Much Sense

guns violence kids funny - 8369386240
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Just Make Yourself at Home

gaming kids stores trials - 8242596864
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Today's "Get Off My Lawn"

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Completely Accurate

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This Girl Has Her Priorities Straight

kids sonic - 8188432128
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Only One Million to Go...

Miiverse kids wii U wat - 8200142336
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Nothing Better Than Kids Talking About Which Console is the Best

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