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Some People...

FAIL super smash bros idiots nintendo - 8398637568
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The Worst Fanboy of All Time

gifs amiibo rosalina idiots - 8427666176
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twitter gamergate idiots wolfenstein - 8424354304
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Protect Your Kids!

playstation wtf idiots - 8401837824
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Full Mclntosh

gamergate idiots video games - 8396940032
By Unknown

Seriously, Apart From Everyone on Earth, Who Would Buy a Shenmue Remake and/or Sequel?

shenmue sega Memes idiots - 8390001920
By PhillyWonken

Clueless CBS Commentator Mocks Gamers and Urges Twitch Watchers to Play in the Real World

wtf gaming idiots twitch Video Game Coverage - 8339697152
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"The Girlfriend Test" Also Known as How to Prove You're a Douche if You Actually Gave This to Your Girlfriend

girlfriend playstation idiots - 8326152960
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"I've Fought Mudcrabs More Fearsome Than You"

guards the elder scrolls idiots video game logic - 8320168192
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steam Modern Warfare 3 idiots animals - 8211239680
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I Think it's Time to Stick to Single Player Games

gaming idiots Multiplayer - 8092330496
By Unknown

I Have to Go Sit Down and Throw Up

mario idiots SpongeBob SquarePants videos games - 7969876736
By OutrageousKoala

The National Liberty Federation Failed and Posted This Image from BioShock Infinite on Their Facebook Page

FAIL facebook idiots - 7957212160
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Nottingham Gamer Mistakenly Spent £450 on a Photo of an Xbox One on eBay

gamers idiots news xbox one Video Game Coverage - 7939689472
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Brazilian Gaming in a Nutshell

gamers idiots PlayStation 4 wtf - 7936497920
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Crash Cries for Humanity

crash bandicoot idiots wat - 7831933184
By superblob100
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