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NSFW Ball Pit

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Such Incognito, Such Wow

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Matt Murdock Escape Status

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This IRL Hitman Game is Way Cooler Than Any Movie Version of the Series

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Deadpool Did It Right


Hitman Logic

E32015 hitman Video Game Coverage - 71947265

Hitman Gets Its Own Gameplay Trailer

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E32015 hitman Video Game Coverage - 71919105

The Hitman Franchise Gets Revived in This Reveal Trailer

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Impeccable AI

stealth gifs tough video games hitman - 8364123648
Via P_I_E

Suited For Success

disguises hitman - 8170879232
By APShark

Watch the Most Super Epic Stealth Kill EVARRR!!1!

gifs hitman video game logic stealth - 7939900672
By Unknown

This is What Happens When You Find an New Weapon in a Stealth Game

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By Unknown

What Actually Happens When Playing a Stealth Game

stealth gamers hitman - 7769218560
By Unknown

The Club Can't Even Handle Me Right Now

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By Unknown

We Are All Done For

wtf video games slenderman hitman - 7020357632
By Unknown

Hitman: Absolution - Kane & Lynch Easter Egg

easter egg hitman - 6947992576
By PinHeadAD
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