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The Graphics Are Worse for Some Reason

graphics half life meme Portal valve - 6271348480
By SarcasticLizard

Weapons in MMOs

art graphics loot MMO the internets weapons - 6264315136
By Unknown

Gaming Graphics

cgi graphics intro the feels Video - 6120585728
By Unknown

Gaming Platforms Summed Up

consoles graphics meme PC - 6044671232
By Unknown

The Graphics Suck

art graphics meme outside pixels - 6017830656
By Unknown

Never Satisfied


The Differences in GPUs

gifs graphics - 8411782656
Via Agiss100
videos dark souls 2 graphics - 59232769

Comparing Footage From Dark Souls 2 Trailers to Actual Gameplay

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videos jokes and stuff graphics - 56262913

PlayStation 4 Vs. Xbox One Graphics

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Graphics Through the Ages

graphics video games web comics - 7859627520
Via Dorkly

What Will Happen at the New Consoles Launch

consoles forza 5 hype graphics - 7601773312
By Unknown

Where's the Gameplay?

quotes gameplay graphics video games - 7541769472
By Unknown

The way video games should work

retro gaming graphics classics video games - 7372566272
By n3onthund3r (Via Legendary Pokémon Yveltal)

When people say that the Wii is terrible...

Memes graphics pepperidge farm remembers wii - 6863761664
By khdtx13

I went outside once

IRL graphics boring life - 6658300160
By jtcaseley1

Gameplay Trumps All

gameplay graphics mario the internets - 6328554240
Via Gamingrules
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