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3D Printed GlaDOS

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If the Movie "Her" Starred GLaDOS

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It's a Lie!

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By joseph.henderson.5815
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The Voice of GLaDOS Bakes a Cake

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The Best of GLaDOS in Poker Night 2

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Who Wouldn't Want a Moving GLaDOS Lamp?

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This Lamp is Not a Lie

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Via Instructables

Leave Me Alone Wheatley

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By Unknown

GLaDOS's Biography

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By Unknown


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By jaboocat

Which Team Are You?

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By chibibailey

I'm Making a Note Here

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By LightSpawn

Reframe: Paradoxes - You're Doing Them Wrong.

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By evilelmo
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Who Doesn't Love GLaDOS' Reminders of Mortality?

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Say What?

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By Hamartome

Test Forward, Not Back

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Via rhinox8
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