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feels satoru iwata rip video games - 78856449

This Sweet Tribute to Nintendo's Late President From GDC Might Bring a Feel to Your Heart and a Tear to Your Eye

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MegaMan Feels Network

feels mega man battle network - 8758588928
Created by Mamalugia ( Via wavechan )

RIP - Paper Mario - 2001-2007

feels paper mario nintendo - 8756500480
Created by RyanSilberman

Will I Ever Become the Adventurer My Virtual Self Claims to Be?

video game feels did the game beat me

Majora's Feels

feels legend of zelda - 8747143424
Created by Mamalugia ( Via timecowboy )

True Love

feels video games - 8594731008
Created by ArkenFlare


Sad feels animal crossing - 8577838336
Created by Travis_Touchdown

Give Me My Series Back!


Am I Not Good Enough for You?

Sad feels comics animal crossing - 7712851712
Via animauxing

I'll Never Forget the Little Guys Who Helped Me Survive

nintendo feels Sad pikmin - 8420242432
Via Bing Shop

Right in the Feels

Sad feels shenmue Cats - 8385396224
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dreamcast feels PC - 8253075712
Created by Woodie_the_Lumberjack

You Ready for Sony?

feels gifs Sony E32014 - 8217270272
Via E3

What an Awesome Way to Remember Your Dad

Sad feels gaming ghosts parenting - 8212242688
Via algorithmic4

The Ability to Live Forever is Very Depressing

megaman.exe mega man battle network feels - 8185368576
Via wavechan

A Video Game Mother's Day

feels mothers day video games web comics - 8180125952
Via Dorkly
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