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This Weeks Most Epic Console Gaming Deals

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Messing With Holes...

overwatch uncharted bloodborne far cry video games funny - 8803056640
By Luchabro

Far Cry Primal's Map Is the Exact Same as Far Cry 4's Map

far cry video games far cry 4 - 8755800832
By Travis_Touchdown (Via gamepressure)

Obvious Far Cry 4 is Obvious

far cry far cry 4 - 8432528384
Via screamssoundthesame
IRL far cry Video far cry 4 - 66325505

Far Cry 4 in Real Life

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Far Cry Villain Metamorphosis

far cry villains far cry 4 - 8240204800
By GamesParodiesCom (Via GamesParodies)
E32014 Ubisoft far cry Video far cry 4 Video Game Coverage - 61630977

Can't Wait to Play Another Nondescript White Guy in Far Cry 4

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If Far Cry 3 Starred a Cat

far cry far cry 3 Cats animals - 8185304320
Via JenkaM

Far Cry 3 Logic

videos far cry far cry 3 video game logic - 7892394496
By Unknown