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Sonic's Fanbase Has Broken This Poor Child

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Ready at Dawn's Reaction to the Outrage Over The Order: 1886's Campaign Length

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How to Spot a Fanboy on Metacritic...

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Created by theextraguy

You're Joking, Right?

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Created by Medicinal_Drugs

Console Wars

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Created by Bruce_Benjamin_Stark

Is There Any Alternative?

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See all captions Created by Wack0Distractor

Why Can't People Just Enjoy What They Like?

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See all captions Created by The_Real_Knuckles

Gamers, UNITE!

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Created by JackhammerGR

Console Exclusives RAGE

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Created by Unknown

Nintendo Gets No Respect

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Created by BrandonReid

Now We Are Enemies Apparently

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Created by Unknown

Miiverse in a Nutshell

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Created by gluigi123

Take Off Your Rose Colored Glasses

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Via Bing
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Fanboys Are Wierdos

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The Truth About Gamers

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Created by mac2103
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CoD vs Battlefield

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