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Look, Even the Dog Likes to Game

dogs IRL gaming - 7572236288
Created by Unknown

Hardcore Gamer, You Say

call of duty dogs - 7526843136
Created by Ianash1

The New Call of Duty Announced for Wii U

call of duty dogs call of duty ghosts wii U funny - 7521806336
Created by Unknown

Hipster Video Games With Dogs

dogs fallout 3 fable video games funny - 7494877696
Created by Unknown

The Game to End All Games

call of duty dogs parodies video games funny - 7494598144
Via blindsidedaze

You Mean Call of Duty: Pets?

call of duty dogs pets activision fish funny xbox reveal - 7485770496
Created by Unknown

I Need an Adult!

dogs wtf The Sims funny - 7477259520
Created by nombookworm

This is Commander Shepherd and This is My Favorite Yard on Earth

commander shepard dogs mass effect - 7165878016
Created by Unknown

You Know What Will Happen, Yet You Still Do It

dogs RPGs arrested development - 7133358080
Created by Unknown

For I am Dogahkiin!

costume dogs IRL Skyrim - 6991873792
Created by Unknown

I Really Have No Idea What I'm Doing...

dogs silent hill 2 i have no idea what im doing - 6890136064
Created by Unknown

Need No Other Reason to Get Assassin's Creed III

assassins-creed-iii dogs animals - 6741683200
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Johnny's Dog

johnny cage mortal combat dogs critical hit - 6662329088
Created by brutaljackal

Heeeere, Boy

dogs doom gifs - 6643085312
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So What?

dogs xbox - 6580666112
Created by Unknown

Like Grand Theft Alsatian

dogs Grand Theft Auto sleeping dogs the internets - 6517898496
Created by ssblitz