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Is It Just Me, or Do Game Covers Look Awfully Similar These Days?

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If Samuel L. Jackson Voiced the Ghost in Destiny it Would Have Been Hilarious

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Destiny Summarized

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Sorry for Giving Away the Story to Destiny

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CNN Thinks Destiny Has Couch Co-op...

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But Most Everyone Has Slept With Your Mom

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destiny raid video games Video - 67901185

A Whole New Raid

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Get Down Mr. President!

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Glorified Life Simulator

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Billy the Thrall Finds a Secret Chest

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Aaand... Just Barely Made It!

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Raiding in Style

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Iron Banner is Back! More Useless Grinding! YAY!

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Nicolas Cage Has a Bone to Pick With Destiny

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Destiny Has a Really Cool New Exotic Weapon

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When Ghost Tells You This May Take Some Time...

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