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How to Be a Productive Gamer

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Your Favorite Videogame Moments and Achievements

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Praise the Sun!

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"Palms Out Children"

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Another Settlement Needs Our...

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Frozen Meets Dark Souls and I Don't Know How I Feel About This

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Dark Soles

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That Horrific Moment When Dark Souls Comes to Life On Your Commute Home

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Guy Swaps All the Textures in Dark Souls for Nicolas Cage's Face

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This Is Dark Souls PVP in a Nutshell

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Oh Look, A Penny!

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Dark Souls is Better With Friends!

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Genius Replaces Every Texture in Dark Souls With a Crab and It Is Amazing

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Guy Not Only Beats Dark Souls Using a Dance Pad, but He Also Defeats the Nameless King, Cause Why Not?

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This Web Comic Hilariously Explains Different Gameplay Experiences Using Combat Mechanics

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This Game Can Never Be A Thing

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