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Whichever One is Blonde is the Right One

console wars PC MASTER RACE Video - 74186753

Hark, Worthless Console Filth! For the PC Master Race is Here to Defecate All Over Your Miserable Lives!

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Well Done, PS4...

console wars game boy sega 90s Video nintendo - 73345281

This Sega Game Gear Commercial From the '90s Shows What a Real Console War Looks Like

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Ancient Art Depicting Console Wars From 2001


Who's Bad?

bayonetta console wars wii U nintendo - 8507723264
Created by Travis_Touchdown

Console Wars These Days


Microsoft Gets Left Out and Does What it Knows Best

console wars gifs street fighter v gaming xbox one - 8397098496

Quite Possibly the Best Miiverse Post Ever

Miiverse console wars wii U PlayStation 4 xbox one - 8284861184
Via myhouseofrandom
console wars videos microsoft xbox one - 58960129

What if Microsoft Was Entirely Honest With Us?

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720p? What is This? The '80s?

pc games console wars PlayStation 4 video games xbone xbox one - 8074618368
Created by Unknown

*Eats Popcorn*

console wars PlayStation 4 xbox one - 8069181440
Via ry-spirit

Console Wars in a Nutshell

console wars gifs Sony xbox nintendo - 8038794240
Created by sebba93
console wars kids videos video games - 57835265

Nothing Better Than Kids Talking About Which Console is the Best

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Gaming System's True Power

console wars PC PlayStation 4 wii U xbox one - 7963979520
Created by Unknown

What the Console War Feels Like

console wars commercials next gen - 7929993216
Created by schmidtjacob8
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