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This Amazing Comic Recap Is All You Need to Catch up on the Red Dead Redemption

Via Bob Al-Greene

It's All Fun and Games till You Don't Have Parents to Push You in That Batmobile

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The Big Cover-Up

overwatch blizzard comics video games - 8815969280
Created by tamaleknight

Would Buy in a Heartbeat

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Like, Metaphorically?

overwatch comics tracer video games video game logic - 8800153600
Created by Tineid ( Via brodee )

Trollevel Design

trolling comics bowser video games - 8770990336
Created by tamaleknight


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When You Warlock Punch Them Just Right...

comics Ganondorf video games Super Mario bros - 8762595072
Via GammaRidley

Deadman's Gun

comics video games - 7779700224
Created by bodywash ( Via The Punchline is Machismo )

What a Brilliant Scripted Idea!

E32013 comics - 7558521344
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Every Other Game Ever

heroes comics villains video games escapist - 7168514304
Via Escapist Magazine

13 People You See at GameStop

dorkly gamestop comics - 7732593920
Via Dorkly

Am I Not Good Enough for You?

Sad feels comics animal crossing - 7712851712
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The Beautiful Town Ordinance is for n00bs

animal crossing new leaf comics animal crossing - 7753746944
Via Steps Over Snails

Video Game Development Nowadays

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Have You Ever Watched Solid Snake Run?

comics solid snake the gamer cat - 7562295040
Via The Gamer Cat
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