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Saving Hyrule/Termina Can Wait!

link comic zelda - 7081802240
Created by AdrianaEternity

I'll Show You to Beat My Highscore!

pun comic - 7081835520
Via Safely Endangered

You Got to Love the Manly Isaac Clarke Grunts

present dead space comic isaac clarke - 7080091392
Via Jhonen Vasquez

No Such Thing as Productivity

Team Fortress 2 meme comic - 7073233152
Via PowerPuffPucca

Samus' Other Job

samus comic - 7077665280
Via 1up

Who's a Good Boy?

comic chain chomp mario nintendo - 7065055744
Via ThreeWordPhrase

Better Play the Song of Healing

comic - 7063264768
Created by AdrianaEternity ( Via Nami-Tsuki )

We've Dismissed That Claim

mass effect Memes comic - 7035912960
Created by Pae

Stupid Square Enix

square enix Memes comic nintendo - 6993938176

Cheetah Logic

comic video games spyro video game logic - 6965443584
Created by MM1066

Prince of Parmesan

comic - 6932348160
Created by Aliskis


xbox live Sony Memes comic microsoft - 6966634496
Created by Chris_tuffer

Surprised He Didn't Eat Him

valve comics new game comic - 6955554048

Sonic Legs

comics gotta go fast cheating comic sonic - 6961825792
Via Butthug

Meanwhile at CAPCOM HQ...

comics capcom comic resident evil - 6957748736
Created by Unknown

The Real Legend of Zelda

link legend of zelda comic cucco - 6942395392
Created by Aliskis
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